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How bright, brave, and balanced do you feel?

If you're anything like most high performers with perfectionism, you are pushing, proving, and pleasing day in and day out. It's like you're running on a hamster wheel. It's exhausting, isn't it?

It most likely affects every single area of your life, from your career to your relationships. Nothing rarely goes unaffected. It costs you time, money, and connection. Most importantly, it changes the way you view yourself (for the worse).

Perfectionism often makes you take things too far. You either stretch yourself into burnout with hustling or fall into procrastination on the other side. The pendulum is swinging and it will keep swinging until your subconscious mind is rewired for balance.

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It's been my observation and personal experience that high performers with perfectionism are like wilted sunflowers. 

Perfectionism sucks energy out of you, doesn't it?

It's only when you get to the roots of your perfectionism and let the perfectionism paradigm fall, that you can take root, rise, and bloom anew.

That's why Bloom Beyond is dedicated to helping you grow through the seasons of...


wilt ☼ fall ☼ root ☼ rise ☼ bloom

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YAY! It's so good to meet you!


Hi! I’m Martine and this is me with my cat Light Beam. We travel the world and spread the light, like sunflowers, because I once upon a time decided to leave perfectionism behind. Now I support others in doing the same.


More About Bloom Beyond & Martine

What the Sunflowers and  Bloomers say about the journey from wilting to blooming...


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Paula Cathrine
Wilting: Felt misunderstood, unappreciated, and rejected. Had an obsession with gathering information and obtaining knowledge, but not following through. Felt lost.

Blooming: Learned how to become accepting and loving to herself and others. Connected with her dreams and found out she’s truly passionate about writing and educating. Feeling alive and excited to wake up each day.
Wilting: Entrepreneur who was stuck in procrastination and this belief that he had to wait for the “perfect moment” to do things. Was never happy about his achievements, so everything felt rather pointless.
Blooming: Befriended himself. A heavy bag dropped off his shoulders and he’s now feeling free to do whatever he wants without the fear of disappointing himself or others. Describes the transformation as “a journey of no bullshit with myself”.
Wilting: Couldn’t focus on the present moment. She got stressed out even in situations that should’ve been fun because she tried to make them as perfect as possible. Spent a lot of energy thinking about what others was thinking of her.
Blooming: Understood the roots of her busyness and overthinking pattern. Is now productive and in flow. Accomplishing her goals and aspirations with ease and enjoyment without overwhelm and stress.
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