What perfectionism really is

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What is perfectionism, really?
Perfectionism is soul-sucking. Isn’t it? 🙄
I mean... That’s the answer you’d probably get if you asked me or any perfectionist.
Perfectionism is truly an energy drainer.
It takes more energy to maintain perfectionism than it does to surrender it, did you know that?
Imagine that all the energy that goes into pushing, proving, and pleasing.
Imagine all the energy that goes into overoverthinking, overplanning, and overconsuming information.
Imagine all the energy that goes into either hustling and grinding, or procrastinating and staying stagnant.
All this BEAUTIFUL life force energy that you have, basically gets poured into a coping mechanism that keeps you on the hamster wheel of perfectionism day in and day out.
And as you know, hamster wheels don’t really get anywhere remotely exciting, do they?
Now, you might be wondering if perfectionism should even be taken seriously, and why there’s such thing as a “perfectionist coach”...
Well, I’d propose that it’s a good idea to consider the fact that perfectionism is correlated with depression and even suicide. Okay?
So, what might start out as detail-orientedness can turn into an emptiness and meaninglessness so strong that you consider leaving your body.
My purpose is to educate you around the symptoms of perfectionism so that you can freaking intervene and begin to decondition yourself from perfectionism and return to the true SUNFLOWER and BLOOMER you are!
PS: From a scientific standpoint, there are three different perfectionism types.
You may have self-oriented perfectionism, other-oriented perfectionism, and/or socially prescribed perfectionism.
The perfectionism exists on a spectrum from adaptive to maladaptive.
You get to hear all about this and so much more in the brand new Bloom Beyond YouTube video: “What perfectionism really is”

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