Perfectionism destroys your productivity

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Perfectionism destroys your productivity.
But, in what ways?
First, know that productivity is commonly defined as the ratio between the output volume and the input volume.
There are several ways perfectionism messes with this ratio and lowers the overall levels of productivity.
1) Procrastination.
2) Hustling.
3) Overthinking / Overplanning / Overconsuming
You can hear all about this and how it works and everything in the full video now up on Bloom Beyond YouTube channel, link in bio.
For me, when I was stuck in perfectionism, I pretty much did all of the above.
But, hustling was my go to.
Hustling equals to busyness and to grinding.
It’s something that most would consider productive, but it really is not.
You live on the edge with your energy.
You push, prove, and please, and actually move forward, but sometimes you move so fast forward that your body can’t keep it up, and you at some point crash.
This is not sustainable and inevitably, you’ll crash.
You stay busy, busy, busy, and then crash, stay busy, busy, busy, and then crash.
This happens over and over again until you break the subconscious habitual pattern and rip out the root cause of it, which is perfectionism.

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