25 lessons learned in 25 years

New video on Bloom Beyond YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr_md9Do5lY 
What are 25 lessons that I’ve learned over 25 years?
The new video on Bloom Beyond YouTube channel (link in bio) will give you insight into my reflection points.
Here’s a few of them:
1. Perfectionism is the greatest block to live a bright, brave, and balanced life. A life of choice and intention is more meaningful over a life of shoulds and have to’s.
2. Cycles will repeat themselves until you learn a lesson fully and it sinks into your subconscious for integration.
3. Relationships are for a reason, a season, or a lifetime and you can truly recognize what purpose is served in hindsight.
4. The direction you go in is more essential to consider than ultra big goals you set for yourself.
5. Inward growth is just as valuable and necessary as outward growth.
I cover all of these and 20 more lessons in the YouTube video.
A lot of the lessons I share can add value to you, especially if you recognize perfectionism (procrastination and hustling) in your life and business.
Would love to hear what lessons resonates the most and if you maybe have some lessons to share with me, too!
I’m not your guru, you know. We all have lessons to learn at specific points in our lives, so…
Practice to speak your truth, and the truth will become more and more clear to you as you speak it…
Plus, you have no idea who might need to hear your exact voice with your exact words and your exact reflection.
With light, Martine 🙏🏻 

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