About Martine & Bloom Beyond

Hi, I'm Martine! I've made you a video explaining exactly and specifically what we do here at Bloom Beyond. Grab a cup of tea, lean back, and enjoy.


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The Bloom Beyond System

Instead of overcoming perfectionism with the conscious mind, we work with your subconscious mind (that counts for 95% of your habits of being) to create growth.

Imagine the Bloom Beyond System like a sunflower.
The petals of the Bloom Beyond Method (life coaching, neuro-linguisitic programming, rapid transformational therapy, yoga, herbalism, creativity, astrology) has a stem (wholisitic neuroplasticity) that roots (sustainability, spirituality, science) into the soil (subconscious mind). We apply this system to all that we do when helping high performers like you go from pushing, proving, and pleasing to becoming bright, brave, and balanced in life and business.



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Everyone who works with Martine & Bloom Beyond enters through this gateway. Get free access to the collective space where both Sunflowers (guests) and Bloomers (clients) get support to create a life and business of freedom from perfectionism with the power of the subconscious mind. There's a 256-members limit . Let's get on the waitlist today.


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If you're wondering if Martine is credible enough to help you... 


She has Bloomed Beyond Perfectionism herself.
She believes her most valuable certification is found in the Spirit (Bloomer) within.
She sees herself as intuitively called to be a light worker and life coach.


Sunflowers and Bloomers work with Martine because they vibe with her energy and resonate with what she stands for. She sees everyone, including herself, as a multidimensional quantum creator, always growing and evolving. She knows that everyone, including herself, has inborn seeds (gifts of imperfection) which can be cultivated through expressing oneself and following one's heart. Since Martine went on the journey to overcome her own perfectionism, she has followed her curiosity and done trainings in a spectrum of fields, mainly in psychology, spirituality, and coaching. She is certified by...





Martine's certifications are a testimony of her eagerness to best serve those that she supports, but no testimony is greater than the words and voices of the Sunflowers and Bloomers themselves...


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As a selected Sunflower 🌻 invited into the Bloom Beyond WhatsApp Group & Garden, you will be able to...


  • Learn how to overcome perfectionism in your life and business to the point where you might tattoo a sunflower on your back. Oh yes. Emte, a Bloomer, actually did this. Just look at her testimonial above.
  • Learn how to perform without sacrificing any area of your life. Instead of swinging back and forth between hustling and procrastination, let's find a balance. We're here to live a wholehearted life.
  • Learn how to rip the "shoulds" out of your internal dialogue and stop running on the hamster wheel. Let's find worthiness in "being" over "doing" once and for all so you never have to prove someone (or yourself) ever again.
  • Learn how to plant intentional seeds in your life and business and grow a bright, brave, and balanced life of freedom without overwhelm and paralysis-by-analysis. It's about time right?
  • Learn how to use the tools of your subconscious mind to express your creative potential and make your vision board come true. Enough perfectionism now. Let's shine! ✨ 


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